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Monday, May 14, 2018

Computer Chronicles Newspaper Issue 1. IEARN January-May 2018

Computer Chronicles Newspaper
 Issue 1. IEARN January-May 2018

 IEARN. Years of People and Projects 

Changing the World

IEARN Certificate s 2018

Ms Byzova's Class: Crime Column
Crime prevention

Ms Pikush's Class:  Perfect World Column

Ms Savchenko's Class: Celebrations Column
Ms Parasuraman and Ms Paul's Class: Books Review Column

Ms Zellagui's Class:  A story of a nation Column

Ms Youniss Class: Go Digital Column

Published by Troyeshchyna Gymnasium  8 Grade students

and teachers 

from Kyiv, Ukraine

Also, by IEARN partners - students and teachers from 

AlBashaer School,  Salwa Youniss, Maadi, Cairo, Egypt

Ibn Teymia High School, Liliia Zellagui  Constantine Algeria

Mount Litera Zee School Howrah Uma Parasuramn and Sahana Paul Kolkata, India

Final projects IEARN official site

The Learning Circle for the school year 2018-2019 could be the following: 

MindWorks - MindWorks is a writing theme designed to enhance creative and expository writing as well as develop different forms of self-expression. 

The goal is to help student learn how to communication their thoughts and feelings in writing, then share and compare them with other students from distant places. The Circle publication for Mind Works is a literary magazine that might be called Creative Minds, Mind Works or a name selected by the group. 

The sponsored projects could be a specific form of writing such as: personal narratives, place poetry, city dialogs, school fables, local myths or personifications of local products. 

Or students can select a topic to sponsor and request different forms of expression on subjects like the family, jobs, schools or cities.